Pineapple Crunch Delight (English)

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Pineapple Crunch Delight 


Preparation Time: – 15 to 20 mins

Serving :- Around 6 to 8 Person 


Vanilla Cake

Heavy Whipping Cream (If you don’t have heavy whipping cream than you can use Chilled Amul Fresh cream)

 1 Cup Sugar (For Caramel Chunks)

1 Cane Readymade Pineapple or 1 Cup Pineapple with sugar syrup

1 cup Sugar ( If your heavy cream is not sweetened or if you are using Amul Fresh Cream)


Take a bowl and add heavy whipping cream and beat it until you get thick Runny consistency. (Consistency should not be too thick as it will be hard for you to assemble the dessert). If You are taking Amul Fresh Cream than you need to take very chilled Cream and beat it with the help of beater machine or manual beater . According to your taste adjust the sugar. 

Now take Vanilla Cake and cut it into bite size pieces.

Take Pineapple cane and separate pineapple piece and pineapple juice. (If you are not having Readymade Pineapple cane than just cut pineapple piece & add into Luke warm sugar syrup and rest it for 15 min and after 15 min separate Pineapple pieces and Sugar Syrup, don’t throw the Sugar Syrup.)

Now take the serving bowl (Advisable to take a flat glass bottom bowl or plate) and arrange Vanilla Cake. (Note – while arranging cake in the bottom don’t leave any space between the cake pieces)

Now after arranging cake pieces, add the Pineapple juice or Sugar Syrup in which you dipped the Pineapple Pieces. (Note- Don’t pour the juice or syrup, you need to sprinkle the juice and syrup so that the cake would not get moist much)

Now arrange pineapple pieces.

Now add the whipping cream at the top and level it properly and neatly.

At last for garnishing we need to Make caramel Crunch so take a pan and add 1 cup sugar and melt it on a very low flame. Don’t add water. After the sugar been melted transfer directly to a butter paper and wait for 10 to 15 mins. Once the Caramel becomes hard, break it into pieces and decorate your recipe .

Keep the Serving Bowl in Refrigerator for 2 hours and serve chilled.

Tips by Nisrin

Don’t beat the cream much , it should be on a little runny side .

Don’t add much sugar to the cream as all the ingredients has sugar . And it will become very heavy dessert. Try to keep it mild.

Don’t add much Sugar syrup or pineapple juice to the cake pieces as cake will become mushy.

Try to keep only 1 inch layer of Cream 

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