Mango Lime Rice Recipe with left over Rice (English)

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Mango Lime Rice


These Mango Lime Rice is inspired by Thailand Cuisine where they serve Mango rice with coconut milk and they serve it as a dessert as they also add sugar to it. But we Indian like spicy food and fried rice are famous all over India. so why not try something different with Thai cuisine including are Indian Flavours to it.

Most of the time at our homes, we always have left over rice, isn’t it? And on the next day we keep on thinking, from this what we can make new. Well here I have solved your problem as you will be able to try different fried rice. Little sweet little tangy and of course bit spicy. You can always put variations of your choice in veggies, you can add chicken pieces, Paneer pieces, Fish, Prawns, Soya chunks, you can add fresh coconut pieces and etc etc, the list goes on. I have kept very simple, and made with left over Rice and as usual very bad photography and also forgot to garnish with Coriander and Mint leaves. But I know when you all will make it at home u will definitely forgive me for this. HAHAHA …… Without wasting much of your time lets checkout the recipe.

Ingredients: –

2 cups Boiled rice or Left-over Rice

1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

Chopped fresh cilantro

Chopped Mint leaves

1 mango, peeled, pitted, and cut into 1/2-inch cubes

Green chilies chopped

Salt as needed

Veggies of your choice (Like red and green bell pepper)

Ginger garlic chopped (optional)

2 Tbsp. oil (you can increase or decrease the amount)

Method: –

Now take a pan and add oil and after that add ginger & garlic. As it splutters a bit add veggies of your choice and if you don’t want any veggies you can simply cut of this part.

After that add the boiled or leftover rice and stir fry a bit.

Add green chilies and salt as per the taste.

Add fresh lime juice and little bit of Lemon Zest to give extra fresh taste of Lime. Stir fry really well.

Now add the Mango piece. Now here, I don’t like sticky mango rice that’s y I used Hard mangoes, mangoes which are not much juicy. But its completely your choice if you like little sticky rice you can add Alphonso or Kesar Mango.

Now Here it’s a tip for you all that add Mangoes at the end as it will become mushy and will make your rice soggy. After adding Mangoes within 3 to 4 minutes , you should turn off the flame.

Add Cilantro and Mint leaves and enjoy .

Tips by Nisrin

Don’t add much spices as this is Mango Lime Rice so don’t over power other flavors .

If you are adding any other optional ingredients , make sure its well cooked and add it to the pan before rice.

After Adding Mangoes , don’t cook much .

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