Broken wheat Haleem (English)

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Haleem is a rich Protein dish, popular in the Middle East and Asia. As common as it is in India, particularly in Hyderabad, it is surprising to know that Haleem actually has Persian roots. It is eaten in plenty of other parts of the world but most commonly by Muslims.

Traditional Haleem is made of wheat, barley, meat: usually minced beef or mutton; goat meat; or Lamb and mutton; or chicken, lentils and spices. Sometimes rice is also used. This dish is slow cooked for seven to eight hours, which results in a paste-like consistency, blending the flavors of spices, meat, barley and wheat. But in this busy world everybody is looking for some alternatives from which they can shred the time . 

Here today I have the best alternative for Traditional Haleem and I can Bet it will taste awesome and you wont regret and will make this Haleem every week as this recipe takes hardly 30 mins to cook and it does not require much of preparation time . This Haleem is made up of Broken Wheat , people also recognize it by “ DALIYA” in India. Its super healthy and super quick Haleem .Today I am not adding Meat to this recipe as Vegetarians can also enjoy this dish but for with-Meat recipe please see “Tips by Nisrin”. So without wasting much of the time lets dig into the Recipe.

No Preparation Time

Cooking Time: – 30 mins

Serving: – 4 Person

Ingredients: –

2 Cup Broken Wheat (Daliya)

1 Cup Mix Dal or lentils (Toor Dal, Urad Dal, Moong Dal, Red Masoor Dal)

2 Tbsp. Ghee

1 Tbsp. Ginger Chopped

1 Tbsp. Garlic Chopped

1 Cup of Fried Onions

1 Chicken Cube (Knorr or Maggie)

½ Tsp Turmeric Powder

Red Chili Powder

1 Tbsp. Garam Masala

Green chilies ( As per your taste)

Salt to Taste

1 Cup of Coriander and Mint leaves (Chopped)

½ Cup Ghee (For Tadka)

Method: –

1.      Soak the broken wheat and mix Dal in hot water for at least 1 hour or you can soak it over night in normal water.

2.      Now in a pressure cooker , boil the broken wheat and Mix Dal with 3 cup of water, Turmeric and little salt . Whistle it around 5 whistle until its completely cooked .

3.      Now on a Medium Flame put a Pan and add 2 Tbsp. of ghee and add cumin seeds and after it splutter add chopped ginger and garlic and sauté it for 1 min.

4.      Add chopped green chilies and add the Dal Mixture and mix well . Add Red chili Powder , Garam Masala and Chicken Cube and mix very well . Try to smash a bit to whole mixture like you do for normal Haleem .

5.      If you feel the mixture is very thick add water and let it cook for 15 mins.

6.      Now take out the Broken Wheat Haleem in a serving Bowl and on other side put a small pan on a high flame and add Ghee till smoke comes from the ghee and pour it on the top of the Broken Wheat Haleem.

7.      Garnish with crispy brown onion and Coriander & Mint Leaves . Serve hot .

Tips by Nisrin

You can always add Meat to this Haleem . Marinate the Meat pieces with Ginger garlic paste for 30 mins and cook along with Broken Wheat and Mix Dal Mixture in the Pressure Cooker. Rest whole Process would be same.

Its ok if you over cook the Broken Wheat and Dal Mixture in pressure cook unless you don’t burn it .

Don’t add too much of salt while boiling the mixture, as you are going to add Chicken Cube , but chicken cube is completely optional . If you don’t want to add chicken cube than add spices of your choice.

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