About Us

My Asian Recipes is a website and platform created with a view to bring together a network of Foodies across the globe to demonstrate their love and Creativity towards Asian Cuisine.  

The Platform was started as a private Blogging Site created By Mrs. Nisrin Vohra  – Later upgraded into an Semi-open platform for people to Project their love and creativity for Asian Cuisine.

The platform is mainly intended towards Learning and exploring through sharing of the experiences, Talents and Creativity of Members from the foodie Community and in specific towards Asian Cuisine which is a rich blend of Flavors mainly evolving from Varied and Diversified Cultures, Religions from over 15 Different countries across Asia.

Whether you are looking for Full course meals, Snacks, Healthy Recipes, Desserts and Appetizers, Smoothies and Juices or Kids Friendly meals – Asian Recipe is your “ONE STOP SHOP” for all the varieties and Types of meal you look forward to plan for your day.

Skills: Apart from Helping you decide and plan your Meals for the day, Asian Recipe will also be equally participating on unique Kitchen and Cookery Techniques as well as information about health and Nutrition.

Participants are Hole heartedly Welcomed to Share their recipes with a Personal Photo and Photos + Videos of your Recipe which will be uploaded on the website with your Name and Details.
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Soon we would be coming up with our Youtube channel. Till then stay tuned.

My story

Hi Friends, My name is Nisrin Vohra ,Owner of this website. By profession , I am a Manager at renowned Travel Brand but my love towards cooking is immense for which I decided to share my easy quick tricks with you all . In this practical world people prefer videos rather than written recipes , will be initiating that too soon .

My best takeaway from the Corona Virus would be to professionally explore my passion for Food and Cooking Different cuisines – Especially Indian Cuisine which represents the “Unity in Diversity” and is a rich blend of Different Cultures, Regions, having the most unique and vibrant mix of Aroma, Taste, and Colours.

Out of my Enthusiasm and Curiosity to try new recipes and varieties – I have started writing my Recipes “My Asian Recipes” wherein I would be posting the recipes and preparation methodologies in a most easily understandable manner even for the beginners in both English and Spanish Languages. First I also had another website named “Indian Flavours 786” , but after I got tremendous support from people all over the world countries ,I decided to collaborate my both websites into 1 wide website.

Very few bloggers write their Asian recipes in English and Spanish Language. So that’s a Unique point in my Blogs.
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